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With thousands of users on the ppmFIT platform, we can bring new customers to your club on day one.
Pay Per Minute Fitness PLATFORM BENEFITS

Your Gym's Best Source for
Zero-Cost Leads

By becoming a ppmFIT club, you will attract new foot traffic and members without ever paying any fees or hidden costs.
It's that simple.

What are the Benefits of becoming
a ppmFIT partner?

  • Paid leads at your gym

    Get Paid leads in your gym instead of having to pay lots of money to get leads of which you are still not sure they want your services.

  • Solution against aggregator sites that sell memberships

    ppmFIT is no competitor and sells no memberships which might block your business model, This allows you to sell your packages to these clients if they want to.

  • Join a large european network

    ppmFIT users get the freedom to train wherever and whenever they want, thanks to the fact that you join the network. Now these customers go to bigger chains to have this kind of freedom even if they not always use it.

  • Joined marketing (the pond will become bigger to fish in)

    We search the type of customer that doesn't want to buy a membership or restrain him/herself to one club or service, the traveller, the user that lives and works in different locations.  Once they are happy of your service they still might engage to become your member.

  • The new generation

    Provide the new generation an extra flexible service of paying.  The model pay when you use is very trendy and hyped in many types of businesses.  By joining ppmFIT you can provide this service to your walk-ins without having to make the investment in making such payment platform.

  • Sell freedom like bigger chains

    When joining our network you can sell this freedom even without having to belong to a bigger chain.

  • Survival as a standalone

    Being a standalone or small group is getting harder and harder because of the fact that bigger chains exactly sell this freedom (but with membership model) many standalone club risk to be absorbed by bigger chain because of this reason.
    With the solution of ppmFIT you will keep your own identity, your own offer, but you join marketing and network with many other standalone clubs.  You can atrract the sleeping members of bigger chains by providing them also the same flexible freedom but even without having the need of a membership.


Don't Take Our Word For It

“Great for people who are super busy, or who travel often and can't commit to one gym location.”


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